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We have moved our site to Chetty2 CP Cheats. Link:

We have moved for authorized WordPress reasons. Thank you.

Club Penguin: EPF Message From Gary

Recently, G has sent us another informative message about him interviewing with Rockhopper. You can see the message when logging in to your Club Penguin account.

Note: It will flash red for Field Ops, but just click the phone, press the back button, and click the telephone. You will see your last message given to you on 16th August 2012.

Here is an image of the message:


Club Penguin- Meeting Famous Penguins

Today, I had the best day of my life! Guess what? I met four (I couldn’t screenshot Mr Dino 06) famous penguins! Here are the penguins I met:

  • Deanz101
  • Spraycheese5
  • Riffy 8888
  • Mr Dino 06 (not mentioned)

Here is me with Deanz101:

Here is me with Spraycheese5:

(You’ll need extra zoomed-in glasses to see the name Spraycheese5)

And here’s me with Riffy 8888 (Again, picture was too crowded)

Apart from all this, I did meet Screenhog, but I was sure it was not real.

I managed to find all these penguins with Twitter.

Will you join twitter and find famous penguins? Let us know in a comment!

Club Penguin Banners Updated

The Adventure Party is three days away! And with that, Club Penguin would like to give your Club Penguin site, that adventure style. So with the new Club Penguin banners, we can do that! Here, take a look at the banner’s page on the community section of the website:

This time, they feature a blue penguin (who looks kind of like a native penguin) holding and running with a pineapple. To add the large banner to your site, simply copy and paste this code:

Error Code 304 –

… and to add the small banner to your site, copy and paste this:

<a href=””><img src=”; alt=”Club Penguin – Waddle around and meet new friends!” border=”0″ /></a>

What do you think of these new banners? Let us know in a comment!

New Site: Chetty2’s CP Army

Recently. I had created a new site called Chetty2’s CP Army. This is a WordPress site, so  it will be called

Find more information on the website, on what we do, how to join and all the events.

Oh, and apart from this matter, you may have noticed I have not been posting for some days. This is because I have really bad tonsillitis – again! I will e back on track from today onward.

Will you join Chetty2’s CP Army? Be sure  to let us know why or why not in a comment!

Club Penguin Pin – Banana Peel

With the fruit party coming up in a few days time, Club Penguin have released a fruity pin – a banana peel! The pin is located at the Coffee Shop. And we will update our pin tracker immediately. Take a look at our tips to locate the Banana Peel pin:

1. Waddle over to the Coffee Shop, and stand exactly shown below:

2. Once you have completed step 1, you should receive this message:


Click ‘Yes’ to get it now, or ‘No’ to get it later on.

What do you think of this fruit-tastic pin? How about dropping of a comment, seeing we love hearing from you!

Club Penguin – Rockhopper Telescope Sights

As most of you know, Captain Rockhopper will be our main mascot for the Adventure Fruit party 2012. Due to this, he has already started sailing towards Club Penguin. Take a look below:


But if you look really closely to the right hand side, you can see a small glittery red dot. I am sure this is either the Mighty Squid’s ball or Yarr from the video. Why do you think that the ship is covered in green vines? Let us know in a comment!

Club Penguin Log Off Screen – Rockhopper Short

Since Club Penguin released their new video, Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid!!, they have made a log off screen related to it. Check it out:



The new log off screen leaves you a question, which is ‘Will Rockhopper defeat the Mighty Squid?’ And in case it doesn’t direct you to the website when pressing >Find out now, please click here. Behind Rockhopper, you can see the Mighty Squid heading towards the Migrator. What do you think will happen next? Why not let us know your opinions in a comment!

Club Penguin YouTube Site Updated – August 2012

With the adventure party arriving to the island in 12 days, Club Penguin have updated their YouTube site,, with an adventure-ey style. Take a look at their YouTube background and icon for this adventurous August:


… and take a look at their icon, representing Rockhopper:


What do you think of their fruity site, and why? What about giving us an interesting comment on what you think!

Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog August 2012 Cheats

As we said, we have found all the cheats within the additional part of the catalog. Here they are:

Cauldron Cheat.


Lemon Cushion Cheat.


What do you think of these exclusive cheats? Be sure to drop your opinions in a comment!