Field Ops 77 Cheats

Recently, Club Penguin have released a new field op. To complete it, look at the steps below:

1. Log on to Club Penguin

2. Open up your spy phone and accept field ops

3. Go to the EPF HQ and accept your order

4. Go to the mine, and into the room on the top left corner

5. You should go here:

6. Your spy phone will start to ring.

7. When it does, open it and the task will look like this:

Club Penguin Field Ops

8. Our mission is to decrypt the passcode, by matching the shapes on the right. We have only thirty seconds and if we do not find the passcode within that time, we’ll get locked out.

Once you have completed the mini-game, you will have a screen pop up with a message from Gary like this:

Club Penguin Field Ops

You have now completed field ops! Field ops are only given to EPF agents. Do you want to be one? Visit our ‘Become A …’ page to find out how to.


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