Field Ops 78 Cheats

Club Penguin have released a new field op for EPF agents. To become and EPF agent, visit our ‘Become A …’ page. To complete field ops, look below:

1. Go to the EPF HQ and accept your order (read the task before you accept it). It will look like this:

Club Penguin Field-Op #78 Cheats

The message says:

One year ago, the Earth Day event was nearly attacked by an evil robot named Protobot. Thanks to Herbert, we stopped him. Herbert isn’t likely to attack, but we need to expect the unexpected. Provide security and scan for signals. Just in case.

2. This week Gary wants EPF Agents to provide security and scan the island for signals, in case Herbert or another villain  attack. Head on over to the Snow Forts and stand over by the wooden hut.

3. Your EPF Spy Phone will begin to flash green. Open it up and you can read the rules to the minigame for this week.

Club Penguin Field-Op #78 Cheats

4. Once you’ve completed the minigame, you’ll receive a new message from Gary.

Club Penguin Field-Op #78 Cheats

5. Gary’s message reads:

Well done, Agent. You’ve picked up an unusual signal… The message is blank, but it’s definitely encrypted. Why would someone send a blank message? This is very strange. Stay on alert – this may be an important clue.

You’ve successfully completed Field-Op #78 on Club Penguin. Why do you think someone send a blank message? Do you think this could lead up to the Medieval Party with a new villain? Leave a comment below.


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