Ultimate Jam 2012 Glitches

Most of you penguins may have seen penguins going on the stage in the VIP room and climb up the VIP chairs at the Cove . Are you thinking ‘ What?’. Well if you are, read this:

How to go on the stage in the VIP room:

Step 1: You will have to click on the VIP room door but still don’t enter (wait for step number 2).


Step 2:When your penguin is almost entering the VIP room, quickly click the left blue star at the stage. Note:You should enter the VIP room but click the star first before its start to load.

When you are up there will be a door behind you so you can get off of it.That door will take you back to the snow forts.That’s the only way to get off if you don’t want to use the island map.

How to climb up the chairs at the Cove:

Image credits to Saraapril.

Firstly, waddle over to the forest like in the picture below:

Then start going to the Cove, but just before the Cove starts to load, click on the gap between the windows and the orange CP sign:


And then …

What do you think of these impressive tricks? Let us know in a comment!



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  1. This actually answered my downside, thank you!

  2. hey i checked quite a few of your pages out 🙂 who are you hosted with and how much is it annually?

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