Club Penguin Banners Updated

The Adventure Party is three days away! And with that, Club Penguin would like to give your Club Penguin site, that adventure style. So with the new Club Penguin banners, we can do that! Here, take a look at the banner’s page on the community section of the website:

This time, they feature a blue penguin (who looks kind of like a native penguin) holding and running with a pineapple. To add the large banner to your site, simply copy and paste this code:

Error Code 304 –

… and to add the small banner to your site, copy and paste this:

<a href=””><img src=”; alt=”Club Penguin – Waddle around and meet new friends!” border=”0″ /></a>

What do you think of these new banners? Let us know in a comment!


About Chetty2

Hi there! CPCheatDude here! Owns a WordPress site named Club Penguin Cheats And You, as well as the administrator of a newly opened site, CPCAY Graphics. Be sure to check out the links if you want to visit websites!

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