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Field Ops 94 Cheats

As usual every week, Club Penguin release a new interesting Field Ops. With that information, Club Penguin have released the latest Field Op, #94. So lets check out how to complete Field Ops #94:

1. Click your spy phone and the yellow arrow at the bottom (a quicker way of getting to the EPF command room).

2. Next, waddle up to the yellow board, Gary’s Field Op board, like shown in the picture below:

3. Once you have done what I’ve instructed above, you should receive this message:

… which says:

Our security systems are picking up strange energy readings from somewhere close to the EPF.

Something powerful is getting close. Sweep this side of the island, and try to scan for the energy source.

After you have read what G has to say, click the ‘Accept Field-Op’ button.

4. After that, go to the Beacon, or the top of the Lighthouse, and stand where I am below:

Your spy phone should be now flashing green. Click it, and engage within the task (to crack the code).

5. Congratulations! You have successfully completed Filed Ops 94! After completing Filed Op, you will receive a message from Gary:

What are you going to do with your extra medal? Be sure to drop a comment!


Club Penguin Furniture Catalog August 2012

As expected, Club Penguin has updated the furniture catalog for the adventure party 2012. Once the cheats have been found in this catalog, we will post them ASAP. What will you buy from the adventurous catalog? Let us know in a comment!

Club Penguin Updates – August 8 2012

When going to see if the team did update anything last time their BRB! message came up, I came across the same screen. Here is another screenshot of it:


But as the new log off screen says ‘New styles Thursday”, which is today, I expect them to have updated that.

What do you expect? Let us know in a comment!

New Club Penguin Homepage

As most of you know, the Fruit Adventure Party 2012 is just around the corner, kicking off on August 23 2012! Due to this event, Club Penguin have recently updated their homepage. Take a look below:

As displayed on the the image, there are two vikings and two pirates, and if you can see at the back, a blocked out image of the Migrator  is seen. Do you think the party will bring ‘pirates vs vikings’? Why not leave what you think in a comment?

New Club Penguin Official Video – Rockhopper vs Mighty Squid

Whilst looking around the featured articles at the top of the Club Penguin homepage, I noticed a title displaying  ‘ VIDEO: ROCKHOPPER VS. MIGHTY SQUID’. When I clicked on it, it took me to a post Happy77 created recently. That post included a video saying ‘Rockhopper vs Mighty Squid!! [Official Club Penguin]. Click here to watch the video. In the video, it starts of with Captain Rockhopper talking to Yarr, his puffle. Then, as he passes a huge iceberg, we see a giant squid plying basketball with a barrel. Find out more by watching the video!

What do you think of this new Club Penguin short? Let us know your interesting answer in a comment!

New Blog Post – Welcoming New Bloggers

Hola amigos, and Olá amigos! Throughout the history of Club Penguin, Happy77 has made posts on the Club Penguin blog. Happy77 still will be posting in several languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese, and will also have some help. As Happy77 introduces two new bloggers for the Spanish and Portuguese blog, we provide some images below:

Spanish Blog:

For the Spanish Blog, the team welcome Tato Maxx. For a long time, Tato Maxx was just a normal participant in the team. Now, they have promoted him with the pose official blogger. Oh,and here’s a cool fact. Tato Maxx was born in the south pole, which means he has already got a good experience. Surprisingly, from the cold, he loves the outdoors.

Here is a screenshot Club Penguin provided of him:

Tato Maxx.jpg

Portuguese Blog:

Here comes the Club Penguin Portuguese Blog. On the Portuguese Blog, Happy77 would like to welcome Gajotz. Gajotz has been on the Club Penguin Portugese team for a long time now, and it’s awesome that he is posting all the daily news and exclusives on the Club Penguin Blog in Portuguese. Here is Gajotz’s playercard:

Club Penguin: Welcoming New Bloggers

Gajotz loves to experience with the latest technology. He has been around it for a long time, so he knows a lot. That’s pretty cool. I would love to see which exclusives and news Gajotz will post. Until then, waddle on!

It is very interesting and cool how Club Penguin is bringing together lots of members from other language Club Penguin teams in order to bring us the latest news and exclusives as fast as possible. I think this way it’ll make it faster and we can get information earlier than we were going to get it with only a few people running all the blogs. It’s pretty cool in my opinion.

New Club Penguin Poll – August 2012

Ever since Club Penguin has released the new Club Penguin Igloo Experience giving us tons of new igloo updating & saving features, people have been loving it. Now, Club Penguin would like to know how much you really love the new Igloo Experience and what you really think is the best about it. With this, Club Penguin has released a new Club Penguin Community Poll on their Community website asking us a question about  the new Igloo Experience. Let’s check it out:


This poll asks what your favorite part about the new Club Penguin Igloo Experience is, and here are the 4 possible choices:

  • Liking Igloos
  • Saving multiple designs
  • Free furniture for everyone
  • It’s easier to edit my igloo

I prefer the second option because saving multiple designs is much easier than keep on editing the same igloo. What choice do you agree with? Le us know you’re interesting opinions in a comment!

Field Ops 93 Cheats

Agents, we have a new Club Penguin Field Op mission on our hands to deal with! We best get started and sort it out as soon as possible, so waddle over to the Elite Penguin Force headquarters to receive your Field Ops #93 details! As usual, head over to Gary’s Field Op board.


The details for this Club Penguin Field Op mission reads:

Greetings Agents! I have an unusual assignment for you today – I need your help in decoding some data. Go to the computer terminal, and try to unscramble the code there. I’m conducting an experiment.

Accept this week’s Field Op mission and head over to the upper left corner of the Elite Penguin Force headquarters and wait for your EPF Phone to flash green, exactly as we did last week.

Click on your green flashing Elite Penguin Force phone to access the mini game you have to complete in order to finish this Field Op mission. You must simply decrypt the passcode.

Once you have done that, Gary shall speak to you once more and you shall earn your next Elite Penguin Force medal.

Did you enjoy your weekly Field Op mission this week? I sure did, but you be sure to comment below because we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.


Club Penguin Team Blue vs Team Red Stage Play August 2012 Cheats

The Club Penguin stage play has been updated for this month, and this time you and your penguin buddies get to play out the Club Penguin Team Blue vs Team Red play which made its last appearance on the island one year ago, in August 2011.


There is one cheat in this Club Penguin Stage play, which is below.

Director’s Hat

Turn to page three and click on the whistle being blown by the green penguin to obtain the Director’s Hat.


Overall, I am disappointed there are not many cheats in this Costume Trunk catalog but I am glad that the Team Blue vs Team Red stage play has returned after a whole year. Are you happy this play has returned? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

Club Penguin Times Issue 345

Club Penguin has recently sent out a their newest issue of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. This newspaper issue is #354 and its main topics for this week are the warm weather, and the upcoming Tropical Igloo Contest.

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #354

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #354

The Upcoming Events for this week are below:

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #354

  • On Now: August 2012 Penguin Style Catalog
  • On Now: Team Red VS. Blue at Stage
  • Aug 9:  Igloo Contest
  • Aug 9: New Furniture Catalog

What do you think of this week’s newspaper issue? I personally cannot wait for the fruit furniture to arrive so I can decorate my igloo for the contest! Tell us your thoughts with a comment.